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7 Loudest Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

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Struggling with waking up after a good rest can be troublesome for you. As a heavy sleeper, you certainly need to invest in a louder alarm that wakes you up. Make yourself comfortable with the louder reminder of the alarm clock to spring out of the bed. You can consider the following alarms for your morning struggle that are suitable for your weight loss routine too:

1. Sonic Bomb 

Without a doubt, the sonic bomb is the ideal purchase for heavy sleepers. The alarm clock is tailored for a total wake-up call through its siren with a high decibel of 113 and the ability to shake your bed. Once the alarm goes on, the two simultaneously work together to ensure you are totally awake. 

2. Screaming Meanie 

As the name suggests, this alarm clock is quite a screamer. Its equipped with a loud alarm that hits a notch high of about 70-120 decibels, which is hard not to hear as you try getting some sleep. The alarm clock is also an ideal choice for you if you need to be punctual on anything due to its countdown timer, which allows you to set designated timings.

3. Emerson Smartset Alarm 

If you are looking for more than just an alarm that is loud enough to wake you up and need extra features such as Bluetooth technology and radio, this is what you should buy. It has over 20 different stations for you to listen to, and its alarm can be set to preferable days such as only weekdays and go off on a weekend when you need to rest.

4. Echo Show 5

Heavy sleepers would find this alarm with one of the best sounds, you can set a recurring alarm in this device. Alexa makes it easier to set the alarm on your command, this comes in a customizable feature, you can have your morning news, weather updates, and many more along with this device.

5. Twin Bell Alarm

If you have a habit to turn off the snooze button, this alarm clock is best for you. The Twin Bell alarm doesn’t have a snooze button. Simply you don’t have the option to schedule your snooze time, you have to wake up with the ring else make it completely off.

6. Bed Shaker Alarm Clock

Sleeping after a long work can make you feel a little lazier to wake in the morning shift, this clock get you out of your comfort zone just by shaking your bed along with the louder buzzer. Sometimes, you need an external force to wake you, this clock makes it easier.

7. Digital Bell Clock

This clock is very easy to handle as well as durable with some really good features like dual alarm, louder capacity with two bell support. It doesn’t need any advanced setup and is easily portable.

Key Takes 

Resting is an integral part of your mental and physical routine. However, you should have a regulated sleeping routine that ensures you can wake up with no struggle and get ready for the day. Struggling to get out of your cozy bed is certainly common, but you should learn how not to entertain the thought, the drowsy mood gets clear off by doing some stretches in the morning only if your alarm clock helps you wake. As you buy a loud alarm, ensure you go for value for your money and buy one with a warranty. By this, you do not have to stress about getting another one because you bought one that was substandard. 


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