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Do Beans Belong To Vegetable Family

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What comes to your mind about beans when served, a nutritious addition or a vegetable? No, It doesn’t fall into the vegetable category though it seems one of a kind. They are extremely nutritious and healthier than vegetables.

Beans are categorized in legumes family. It contains both soluble and insoluble fiber and is a good source of protein and essential minerals.

Beans are the host of protein, in fact, they can replace the need for non-veg items like meat, egg, and keeps our gut healthy.

Beans are a good source of phytonutrients. They contain a high amount of fiber which shove them into vegetable groups. Green peas and beans are basically immature forms of seeds.

It contains a good amount of starch. Digging more about protein, beans are the host of amino acids and proteins that keeps your body satiated. A good protein source for vegetarians.

According to, Beans are the seeds from the flowering plants in the Fabaceae family and are classified as legumes. They are available in dry or frozen form.

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Is it safe taking beans, Does it make you fat?

Beans if taken by following condition then there are chances to delve in the safer side.

  • Always boil around 10 minutes before using in dishes, it wards off the gut issues.
  • Eating beans evenly helps in reducing cholesterol levels but having them raw causes extreme nausea.
  • The intake quantity should be in a range otherwise it may lead to gastrointestinal issues because of the high protein.
  • The high protein in beans helps you feel fuller for a longer time that reduces the possibility of gaining fat.
  • For diabetic people, beans are termed as a superfood.

Types of Beans

There are variegated types of beans available:

#1. Chickpeas

Chickpeas are darker and smaller size beans. They contain a high amount of both soluble and insoluble fiber, thereby keeps our gut healthy.

It lowers cholesterol levels and prevents cardiovascular diseases. they are very high in protein, vitamins, folate, phosphorous, and minerals.

They are commonly known as garbanzo beans. The antioxidant compound in chickpeas helps in reducing inflammation.

It can go with most dishes also known as a superfood. Taking on a regular basis in a low amount can hold your health condition by lowering cholesterol in the body. They help in reducing weight by keeping you satiated.

#2. Red beans

They are a good source of Phosphorous, folate, protein, and minerals. It supports weight loss and regulates the blood sugar level in the body.

Red beans have a very low glycemic index. It has a good flavor and works as a tasty treat in topping on ice cream and popsicles. They are smaller in size and contains a good amount of phytonutrients.

#3. Soy Beans

It has numerous nutritional values and helps in maintaining good health. They are an edible seed and goes with many cuisines.

They work as a good alternative for most of the supplements. You can have it along with soups and many dishes, it simply adds taste and nutrition to the diets.

Young beans are termed ‘edamame’ which is a Japanese word. It can be eaten in a processed form too.

#4. Black beans

They are a power pack of protein with loads of antioxidants and vitamins. The phytonutrients, folate, and fiber help in regulating cholesterol and heart illness. Diet rich in beans helps in processing calories easily.

Eating black beans may cause some gas-related issues, this is because of the high fiber in beans.

Black beans appear black but they actually are dark blue in color. They are a small and shiny variety of beans also known as ‘Turtle Beans’.

They help control blood pressure, prevent many chronic diseases, and are a good source of protein, sodium, and Saturated fat.

#5. Kidney Beans

Like others, kidney beans also provide a good amount of proteins with health-benefiting properties. Having these beans every day in your diet would keep your health balanced.

Kidney beans are one of a variety of common beans which resemble the shape of a human kidney. It promotes weight loss and moderates blood sugar levels. They are grown largely in Mexico.

Due to the low Glycemic index, kidney beans fit best for the diabetic person. They actually have a good kind of carbs which lowers the release of sugar inside your body. It induces feelings of satiety which helps in reducing weight.


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