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How Blueberry Juice Improves Brain Function

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Blueberry Juice has been marked as a Brain stimulator with improved learning, It is a pack of nutrients like fiber, vitamins, Manganese, and carbohydrates along with anti-inflammatory properties. Blueberry juice is equally effective on older ones and has shown an improved level in their cognitive functions. It helps in escalating the blood flow to the brain and enhances the memory condition.

Blueberry Juice has a more positive response on Children too, It is quite effective in kids with improved thinking ability and memory sharpness. The reflex action should always be in force to diversify creativity.

Berries and other fruits were featured and published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. After research, it was found a large comprehensive report of antioxidant content in fruits and vegetables. Berries won hands down, in providing the most natural antioxidant properties.

source: Webmd

What is Flavonoid?

The flavonoids in blueberry prevent your body cells from getting damaged. It can prevent Blood sugar levels in our body and help in controlling inflammation. Flavonoids have the tendency to protect you against Ultraviolet radiation, it has a very positive effect on treating Cardiovascular diseases. Flavonoids are found in most fruits and vegetables and have the property to treat cancer and skin-related disease because of their antioxidant property.

Blueberry comprised of plentiful Vitamin C and K. They are very effective in improving different types of health conditions and maintains the electrical activity of the heart (Borderline ECG). It keeps us energize and maintains healthy bones. It comes with a host of beta carotene and manganese. They are also used for making medicines, because of their high rich in fiber it helps in digestive function, therefore helps in controlling the significant benefits to the brain.

Blueberry Production

Blueberries are mostly found in North America in the bushes, Canada is also on the top list of growing Blueberries. Machine harvesters are used for harvesting, shaking the large blueberry bushes helps in dropping off the berries from a larger tree, after this process they are cleansed and ready for packaged to sell. It also contains Anthocyanin.

A diet that is high in protein and essential nutrients helps in preventing from old age common diseases like Dementia, loss of cognitive function such as slow in learning, and the effect of Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t get confused about what to choose while buying Blueberries, it doesn’t depend on fresh or cold berry both have the same health effects.

Should we take Blueberry regularly on our diet?

There are countless benefits of blueberries, if it becomes a regular part of our life then overall metabolism and immune system would be boosted. People having constipation problem gets resolved if taken on a regular basis, the fiber and antioxidants in blueberry control diabetes, weight loss, and digestive function. Taking Blueberry orderly shows improved heart health and other cardiovascular functions. It balances the free radicals in your brain and thereby reduces the stress level with improved cognitive function. The Vitamin C in blueberry helps in reducing inflammation.

Blueberry Health Benefits:

Adding a cup of blueberry in your daily life help meet the body essential need. It comes with variegating health benefiting properties some are:

Prevents aging and cancer:

Blueberry kills the free radicals that destroy the active cells and helps our skin tone maintained. Antioxidants and Vitamin C both are very effective nutrients that are available within. Eating Blueberries help in longevity, anti-aging, and loads of essential nutrients. It helps in keeping the brain functioning properly during Cancer treatment. DNA damage is a common problem that happens after an age but rich in nutrients food helps to regain the damaged cell. They help in various body problems like Type-2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease and reduces rapid tumors.

Reduces Muscle damage:

According to science Blueberry help in reducing inflammation and muscle pain. People who workout more may find blueberry really helpful. It can reduce muscle soreness or Strenuous exercise. It works as a catalyst in recovering from the damage. You can take strawberry before or after the workout it works similarly.

Good Source of Antioxidant:

Comparing other fruits blueberry has more antioxidants and helps us protecting from diseases and reduces oxidative stress. It has nature’s best and most potent antioxidant available that helps in many health diseases like Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders. They have a very high content of bioactive phenolic compounds such as flavonoids, phenolic acid, and anthocyanins. The darker blueberry has more antioxidative properties as it has more anthocyanin, which improves cognition among the older ones.

Blueberry Smoothie: Recipe


  • Take a half Cup of Plain milk
  • Half cup Yogurt
  • One spoon Honey or Sugar
  • and a cup of Blueberry

After adding all the ingredients mix it well in a blender and serve. Blueberry smoothies are the power pack of Vitamins. There are more healthy blueberry smoothies that are blend together with wheatgrass, vanilla extract, and many more.


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