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How To Read & Perform An ECG On Woman?

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If you are a woman and you are getting an ECG test you may not know how to read the results. An ECG looks at the functioning of the heart and if it beats normally. This is some information you need to know when it comes to reading the ECG test.

How to read an ECG?

The heart rate is the distance between the 2 R waves on the test.  To find out the heart rhythm a woman will need to look at the P waves. This is the sign of atrial excitation.

If these P waves show some irregularity there can be an issue. If the P waves are not present a person should speak to their doctor. They may have a flutter or uneven beat.

The electrical heart axis will show both negative and positive deflections. There should be lower lines that will go up and down on the graph. This will look at the left and the right axis of the heart.

The PR Intervals should be between 120 and 200 ms on a normal heart. If it exceeds 200 ms then there may be a block. The ECG test shows a QRS complex.

These are small Q waves in addition to the R and the R waves. A normal reading will be 60 to 100 ms.

How R-wave and T-wave work when ECG is performed?

Repolarization will include the ST and the T waves that will show the chambers in the heart. There is an isoelectric line that will show the standards. If they are below 1mm in the limb leads and great than 2 mm in the chest leads then it is possible that there is some type of abnormality in the heart. When looking at this part it is important to see if the ST segment is in the AMI. This can mean that there is acute pericarditis. The T waves may show a sign of hyperkalemia or that the hyperkalemia is poor. The Interested T waves will show that a woman may have a pulmonary embolism and they should pay careful attention to this line and the findings.

When looking at the RS ratio the R wave should increase and the S wave should decrease. In some cases, they will not be an S wave. If there is poor R wave progression as the chart goes on there may be ventricular hypertrophy.

While this information is a good starting place there is a lot that goes into the ECG test. A person should speak to their medical professional if they find concerns about the test. Reading this test may be difficult at first but if a woman takes the time to look at all of the different waves she can get a good idea about her heart health.


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